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Substance Misuse

What is Substance Misuse?

Substance misuse is the language used for what is commonly know as addiction. Addiction is a physical and/or psychological need for a substance, due to regular, continued use. Some substances are highly addictive, others are less addictive. However, the symptoms of addiction are similar no matter which substance is used

There are many different things to which people can become addicted. The most common types of addictions we hear about are addictions to alcohol, opioids, marijuana, cigarettes, internet, pornography, and food. The list of addictions can go on and on. 

How does substance misuse and addiction affect well-being?

Substance misuse and addiction can have short and long-term effects on your:

  • Physical health – e.g. nausea, sleep problems, weight gain/ loss, infections, accidents, chronic disease

  • Mental health –

  • e.g. depression, anxiety, paranoia, psychosis

  • Personal relationships – e.g. arguments, relationship breakdowns

  • Work and financial situation – e.g. job loss, debt, unemployment, criminal problems

How Does Counselling Help With Addiction?

There are many different approaches you can take when entering counselling for addiction. Together we will work to find out which approach is best for you. We will look at the type of addiction you had, your history of addiction, and other aspects that will help us develop a plan that works with you and the other healthcare providers involved in your care. 

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